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The only pharmacy you need for all your prescriptions, over the counter drugs, home care items and even your health care system!

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What is
Phars+ Care?

Phars+ Care is a progressive web application designed and built to help individuals and health care facilities order for their drugs and home care items from their comfort zones.

Mobile Friendly

Phars+ Care is mobile friendly.

Fast and secure

Phars+ Care is fast and secure.

Location Base

Phars+ Care is location based.


With Phars+ Care:

You can access the closest pharmacy to your location.

You can order for your drugs and home care items from your comfort zone.

You can make direct call to the pharmacy to check your drugs availability.

You can access a map to get direction to the pharmacy.

You can integrate Pharst Care into your health care system for your patients

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Phars+ Care's various interfaces

This is a virtual pharmacy that you can carry with you anywhere. It means we can get your drugs to you anywhere and anytime, you don't need to know about where hundreds of pharmacies are because we got you covered.

Yes Please. We have Pharst Care for businesses, which means we can also deliver drugs to your customers if you have a health care system whether an online health care system or a physical one.

You can integrate Pharst Care into your systems and directly submit prescriptions from your end, and your patients are covered.

Do not worry. We have competent developers that can pull-off a system for you, customized to your needs. Just contact us and you are done.

Good question, Pharst Care Business is made for hospitals, phamacies and courier services. You can add up your courier service and have the benefit of getting direct package delivery requests from us.

We also have you covered if you need a site for your clients to be making package delivery requests to you, you simply generate a link from the dashboard we will provide you after registering your courier service and send this link to your clients, they can now make package delivery requests to you directly without even signing in, just by tapping on that link.

We will help your clients track their packages, help you easily locate them and even make sure you stay in communication until you deliver to them.

This is where Pharst Movers comes in, you can register as an individual mover on the platform, we will notify you about packages near you that need to be delivered, you deliver either on foot or with your own motor bike or even bicycle and we pay you, how good is that?

Get the APK version on your android Now!

Phars+ Care has an android version. To get the apk and install on your smartphone, click on the button bellow. The app is also available as a PWA for all platforms.


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Leading Team behind Phars+ Care

Young people with awesome and innovative ideas

Team Members
Theophilus Nutifafa
Senior Developer
Team Members
Josefina Boateng
Senior Designer
Team Members
Josue Adimado
Senior Developer
Team Members
Aikins Laryea
Junior Developer
Team Members
Dr. Samuel Essilfie
Doctor of Pharmacy
Team Members
Dr. Emmanuella Agyapong
Doctor of Pharmacy
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